Slovak as Foreign Language Class – Kids/Adults

We offer 2 possibilities of Slovak Language learning – Class learning and Private One to One lessons.

In case of interest to learn Slovak Language, you are welcome to join our enthusiastic pupils in class “Slovak as a foreign language”. Class is appropriate for beginners and intermediate level, children as well as adults – currently joined class with possibility of split.

The goal of our lessons is effective communication in everyday life, and ability to conversate with your friends, children or family. Lesson also covers basics of grammar, important for understanding of Slovak language. Slovak culture and traditions are also discussed and “practically” shown at events organized by school.

The most importantly, we listen to our pupils needs and adapt  them to lessons curriculum and objectives. We gladly accept your suggestions so that the lesson is as effective and entertaining as possible.

You will be provided with various learning materials including books, pictures, presentations, games, and during break times there are kitchen and seating facilities available. Slovak books are at your disposal at our school library and you can feel free to borrow them.

Private lessons are organized at time of your convenience – during week or weekend, in for of Personal lessons or Skype lessons.

We are always here to listen to your needs and ready to offer solution to get you closer to your language target! Good luck with any option you decide for!

Mrs Daniela Bessassi is experienced, flexible, well motivated, patient teacher and will help you on your journey to learn the language. Daniela is fully qualified teacher of Slovak and English language.  Learning language with a difference has a simple recipe for her: well organised lessons with a sense of humor and you will achieve excellent results with memorable impression.

Miss Lucia Marková is newly graduated teacher of Slovak and English Language. She achieved her Master Degree from Slovak Language and Literature and English Language and Literature at the Trnava University in Slovakia. She leads classes of “Slovak as a foreign language” in Czech and Slovak School Manchester. Lucia has experiences in teaching Slovak and English language at number of primary and secondary schools and private language tuition. Her motto is: Let´s have fun and learn something new.